Why Real-World Experience is Important

Alphareta Dental School provide real world experience

Why Real-World Experience is Important

When it comes to transitioning from a classroom to a real-world situation, a lot of new graduates can find it extremely daunting. Not only are they using the skills they’ve learned in the real world for the first time but a lot of them are also adjusting to the customer experience, teamwork aspect and of course, a new career. When students have the ability to get real-world experience it can make the transition a bit less scary.

At AS4U Career Center in Alpharetta, we believe education is more than just reading a textbook, which is why our dental assistant program incorporates real-world experience alongside our in-class instruction.


For students in any program, the experience is often the one thing they are lacking. They may get A’s on every assignment and test, but when it comes to the hands-on aspect, the experience isn’t enough. When students have an opportunity to experience real-world situations, it allows them to practice the skills they learn about in their books and truly understand the task at hand.


Teamwork is an extremely important thing in the dental industry. When students have the ability to work in real-world settings, they get a preview to the teamwork that will be necessary for their career. This will allow students to adjust to how a dental practice will operate, making it easier for them to adjust and utilize their skills once they enter the work field.

At AS4U Career Center, we are dedicated to providing a well-rounded dental education that provides our students with the experience they need to excel. Our dental assistant curriculum includes 144 hours of classroom and clinic instruction along with a 32-hour externship. This gives our students the ability to practice on real patients, not models, and participate in an externship at one of the local dental offices.


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