What Does Agile Hiring Mean for You?

New Hiring climate agility

What Does Agile Hiring Mean for You?

Chances are, one of the reasons why you chose to go into dental assisting was to help people. The thing is, in order to help people, you have to have secured a job. The dental assisting and hygiene careers of today no longer look like they did years ago, where nine-to-five, full-time jobs could be expected. There has been a shift towards contract, independent, and traveling work, with employers choosing to advertise more temp or temp-to-perm positions instead of permanent jobs. In order to successfully navigate this new hiring climate, “agility” is key.

What does agile hiring mean for you?

Dental practices want to be as agile as possible. This is understandable, as dental practices have to make adjustments constantly – from adjusting care to meet patients’ needs to adapting to changes in scheduling, workflow interruptions, and emergencies. For this reason, dentists look to fill their staffing with individuals who are sufficiently flexible, and they want to fill those spots as efficiently as they can.

Get online, use platforms that hiring practices prefer.

While most job seekers and employees can utilize websites such as LinkedIn (and it might be useful for you, as well), it would be more beneficial for you to get on a website that specifically targets the dental profession and seeks to fill dental assistant positions. Look for sites like Cloud Dentistry or DentalPost.

Make sure you have a reliable, easy way for practices to contact you.

Even if you have an appealing profile, it doesn’t help much if interested employers have no way to get in touch with you. Make sure that you provide either a phone number or email, or that your profile is active so that you can receive notifications of contacts from interested employers.

Build your own brand online.

Create and maintain a profile that clearly reflects your skills and goals. Set your own rates, post and update your availability, and advertise your credentials to hiring dental practices. Keep up with it so that you can communicate directly with practices to learn more about them and demonstrate your enthusiasm for open positions.


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