Tips for Choosing the Best Dental School

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Tips for Choosing the Best Dental School

When considering dental career opportunities, the first step is researching the best dental schools. Start by asking yourself the right questions.

Imagine yourself as a student in the dental school and living in the city. Four years is a good stretch of time. Also, think about the kinds of experiences you want to indulge in along with your studies. This all goes along with cost, and how you will finance your education.

Finding the Right Dental School

Narrow down your list of best dental schools by first answering these important questions:

  • What specialty programs does this dental school offer?
  • Are classes taught year-round?

What is…?

  • The average class sizes
  • The student-to-faculty ratio
  • The school grading system
  • School and campus culture
  • Estimated tuition and fees
  • The policy for working with outside agencies, like ASDA

Describe the clinical practice: when does it start and what types of patients does the school serve?

  • Do you have research funding available?
  • What are regional board exams required?
  • Does the school use advanced dental technology or emerging innovations?

Talk to Dental Students and Dentists

Ask family, friends, and acquaintances for contacts in clinical practice, academic dentistry or currently enrolled in dental school.  Talk to dental students who have completed a year or more of studies and ask for their perspectives.

  • Administer phone interviews
  • Arrange shadowing experiences at local dental practices
  • Attend major academic dentistry events such as the National Leadership Conference and the ASDA Annual Session
  • Volunteer

Understand what dentist career opportunities are out there and which dental school is right for you.


Dental school takes a strong commitment and a lot of hard work. Unlike a traditional college, you will put in long hours in lectures, labs, and clinics. In addition, you will have to study. All of this effort will pay off in the end, but you will want to be sure to choose the best dental school that meets your needs.


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