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Education Goals

As the world of dental technology expands, there is increasing demand for dental assistants who are skilled in operating this technology. Our goal at the AS4U Career Center is to see our students placed as assistants in dental offices across the country. We strive to give all of our students the tools they need to excel as entry-level general dental assistants.

Attendance Policy

As this course is only eight weeks long, attendance at every class is of the utmost importance. Students are allowed only one unexcused absence. If a student has two unexcused absences, they will be placed on probation. Any more than this and they will be dismissed from our program.

Attendance Policy

Code of Ethics

As our students will be on the front lines of patient care, we believe in keeping a strict code of ethics to ensure consistent treatment of the patients and fair evaluation of the students.

  • Students will advocate for proper treatment and respect of patients’ rights.
  • Patient confidentiality is of the utmost importance.
  • Ensure patient safety at all times. Avoid any reactions that would alarm a patient.
  • Provide care and communication in a timely, truthful, professional manner.
  • Keep a strict moral code that prioritizes honesty and professionalism.
  • Treat others with respect, regardless of differences.
  • Abstain from any altering substances such as drugs or alcohol while you are in school or in a clinical setting,
  • Dental assistants must present a professional image at all times. This means covering or removing any visible tattoos or piercings, keeping a high level of personal hygiene, and wearing the proper uniform at all times. Nails must be trimmed and false nails are prohibited. Any nail polish must be a light, neutral color.
  • Punctuality and attendance are necessary to present a professional attitude.
  • Students should encourage learning and facilitate communication between dental assistants and clinical faculty and staff.
  • Students must uphold these rules and regulations at all times. Students do reserve the right to challenge these rules as per the school grievance policy. Otherwise, all rules and policies outlined here or in a course syllabus should be observed and followed.

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