Next Steps for High School Seniors

Next Steps for High School Seniors

Next Steps for High School Seniors

The high school senior year is a busy, transition time for budding young scholars. The next step after high school for many students is to select which type of tertiary education they wish to pursue and to begin the application process.

The Next Step After High School

To do so, high school seniors must first understand how the process works. The college application checklist involves timelines and important documents that must be submitted. Much of the information needs to come directly from the source, such as recommendations and transcripts. Those requests should be initiated first, as they may take a while to be received.

Open-Access Colleges

Open-access colleges typically include two-year programs, such as a community college, run with local tax funds. These institutions are mandated to provide all qualified students in the specific region an opportunity to receive an education. Open-access colleges offer straightforward policies and basic admission requirements.

High school seniors should make sure their application is complete. If any entrance requirements are missing, they need to contact the college admissions office.

Traditional Colleges

Traditional four-year educational institutions typically base admission decisions on indicators of leadership and success, like grades and test scores. Many colleges create a layout of the whole freshman class regarding academics, personalities, ethnic diversity, and locations. Applicants are evaluated against the master layout to induce how each may contribute to the whole.

All instructions need to be followed and completed thoroughly. If essays are included, they may end up being the deciding factor, so recognize the importance and approach with care. It is imperative that high school seniors demonstrate how they plan to succeed in college and benefit the campus community.

Dental Assistant Schools

For high school seniors interested in pursuing a career as a dental assistant, applying is simple, and college for a dental assistant is usually a 9 to 11-month certificate program. Some dental assistant programs can be completed in even less time, while others offer part-time or online courses to accommodate the needs of many types of students.

At AS4U’s dental assistant school, students can achieve lives they love to live. The eight-week dental assistant programs offer flexible coursework and the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide a quality dental education as a next step after high school or within most busy schedules.

Students are exposed to a plethora of dental specialties including orthodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery. Dental assisting programs at our AS4U Career Center help students explore every option in dentistry so they can make an informed career decision.

Applying for dental assisting program admission is easy. The process requires minimal paperwork and very little time. To enroll, contact us today!


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