How Do I Choose a Dental School?

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How Do I Choose a Dental School?

While choosing a dental school, it is advisable to choose which is cost effective and saves stress involved in the application process. The main goal is to become a dentist or work within dentistry, and this can be achieved at any dental school since all dental schools throughout the country run similar programs, unlike law schools where location determines what you are taught. Here are a few tips that should be considered when picking a dental school:

  • Staying in-state is a safe bet. It is best to apply to any dental schools in your states unless you plan on relocating. This is because it is believed everywhere that residents of a state always have a few more benefits than non-residents, such as lower tuition. But, keep in mind that this isn’t always true in some cases.

  • Apply to a few that you know will work. In doing this, it is safe to consult people that can give you advice on which schools to apply to. Even outstanding students might encounter some challenges getting into schools when they don’t have the right information. How to go about this? Approach one of your counselors and ask them to give you a list of dental schools you can easily get into.

  • When choosing out of state, look at the numbers! This is very important because some out-state schools take more residents than non-residents. This is especially true with state schools, unlike private schools where both residents and non-residents have almost the same chances of getting into the school.

One other factor that should be considered when choosing dental schools is the cost, especially with private schools, which are known to be more expensive. This, however, should not be a limiting factor for going to school to achieve your dreams of working in dentistry!


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