Finding the Right Dental School for You

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Finding the Right Dental School for You

Choosing a dental school is a big decision. Not only is the financial investment great, but you may also be spending at least a few years of your life on the premises if you decide to go to a university. You must consider the right dental programs that meet your needs. After you review the dental school profiles of the options you are most interested in, read up on the admission requirements and academic standards. In addition, map out total costs which include tuition and living expenses and consider the locations of accredited dental schools.

Choosing a Dental School

Here are several more factors to consider when reviewing dental school profiles. Weigh all angles before deciding where you should apply to dental school.

  • Student to Faculty Ratio: If you enjoy a larger class size, a dental program’s student to faculty ratio may not be an issue. But for dental students who prefer more individualized attention, class size is important. Data on the student to faculty ratios can often be located on dental school profiles.
  • School Grading System: Since some dental students prefer letter grades over a pass or fail system (or vice versa) it may be important to you to inquire about the dental program’s grading system.
  • Dual Programs: If, for example, you want to complete a dental assistant program and earn a degree in biology, make sure the schools you apply to offer combination options. For instance, some accredited dental schools allow students to earn a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in public health, along with their DMD or DDS.
  • Coursework Offerings: Dental schools in Georgia and beyond offer similar classes, such as restorative dentistry and anatomy, with some variations. If you want to pursue a specific dental specialty, such as orthodontics or periodontology, look for coursework opportunities in that area of dentistry.
  • Clinical Considerations: Dental school curriculum includes hands-on experience with class work and lectures. Some dental programs offer both on-site and off-site clinical rotations. Other assign students to dental practices and clinics that are affiliated with the dental school. Seek advice from other dental students and dentists to determine which clinical experience is best for you. This is also a great way to learn more about your school of choice.

Dental Programs in Georgia

Universities, dental assistant programs, and dental schools sometimes provide informational fairs. Prospective dental students can consult with admissions representatives and learn more about dental schools and the admissions process and requirements.

You should also schedule a tour of each campus you are considering. Visit classrooms, labs, clinical facilities and speak with professors, dental students, and advisors. Get the information you need and discover if the atmosphere feels right.

AS4U Career Center Dental Program

If you’re in Georgia and are looking for a dental school that provides small class sizes, hands-on experience, and curriculum that can meet your dental interests, contact AS4U Career Center. We offer all of this and more on our campuses and would love to give you more information about our dental assistant training courses. Give us a call today!


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