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Students must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or GED to be admitted into the Dental Assisting Program. Students must have a state issued photo ID, at least the 1st shot of the Hepatitis B series vaccine and clear criminal history and background check; as well, a payment of $100 non-refundable registration and background fee. Enrollment can take place up until the first day of class, depending on availability. After the first day of class, students are only admitted for the next session.

Transfer of Credits

Prior credit will be evaluated and transferred after the evaluation and approval of the School Director.

Attendance Policy

a) Attendance is mandatory and only one unexcused absence will be allowed.

b) If a student misses more than one class without prior permission, the student will be placed on attendance probation and will not be able to miss any more classes.

c) If the student misses another class without prior permission, the student will be dismissed from the program.

d) If a student is seeking to be readmitted to the program, the student must demonstrate what he/she will change in order to adhere to the attendance policies of this school.

e) It is your responsibility for familiarity with all material covered and all announcements made in class whether you are present or not. An individual’s attendance will be recorded using daily sign-up sheets. It is your responsibility to sign in each day. Attendance is part of your grade and by being absent you may be missing a pop-up quiz further affecting your overall grade.


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