Dental Assistant Training Near Rome, GA

Finding a career can be a daunting task, whether it is your first one or you’re changing from a different career. If this is the position you are currently in, consider becoming a dental assistant. This is a fast-paced and fulfilling position that you can train for in just two months. AS4U Career Center near Rome, GA, can set you on your way to this exciting new career.

Why become a dental assistant?

A dental assistant is an integral part of a dental office. He or she performs numerous duties in addition to assisting the dentist during dental procedures, including sterilizing dental instruments, scheduling appointments and maintaining patient records, and processing x-rays. Dental assistants can also play a role in educating patients on good oral care practices. It is an excellent position for those who enjoy working with people. It also offers stability, regular office hours, and a comfortable working environment. If you are looking for a career in which you can advance and learn new skills, dental assisting gives you that opportunity. Additionally, dental assisting has promising projected job growth in the coming years, and you can be reasonably confident in being able to find employment as a dental assistant anywhere you go.

Training at AS4U Career Center

At AS4U, you won’t find dull lecture halls or classes where you don’t expect your instructor to know your name. We believe in hands-on practice as part of our training, and we keep our class sizes small to create a better learning environment for both instructors and students. Our courses last eight weeks, with classes being held twice a week to provide flexibility and convenience for our students. Following this course, our students complete a 32-hour externship to prepare them for their new career better. We provide education in a variety of dental specialties to train better-rounded students and utilize the latest technology in our facilities near Rome, GA.

Start on your path to a new career today!

The application process at AS4U is simple, and we offer several financing options to make our courses accessible to as many students as possible. Contact us today to learn more about AS4U or to apply at our career center near Rome, GA.


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