Certifications for Dental Assistants


Certifications for Dental Assistants

The field of dentistry has many types of certifications with varying levels of difficulty to obtain. Dental professionals are in demand, and due to constantly evolving technology, certifications are crucial. Here are some of the most common certifications to consider.

Dental Assistant Certification

Dental assisting is a great way to enter the dentistry field. The certification entails learning the basics of work protocol for a standard dental office, hygienic care basics, and how to use the latest equipment properly. Dental assistants also update charts, schedule appointments for dental patients, and maintain records.

Orthodontic Dental Assistant Certification

While similar to a dental assistant, an orthodontic dental assistant can also help orthodontists with placing and removing braces or making adjustments to them. In general, this certification requires additional training beyond a high school diploma. Some orthodontists will also offer on the job training for dental assistants.

Dental X-Ray Certification

For those dental assistants that want to advance, a dental x-ray certification is helpful. Once a dental assistant has their basic certification and the necessary clinical hours completed, they can attempt this certification. Those that complete the Dental Radiology Certification will learn the latest techniques for taking and developing quality x-rays. Being able to handle the x-ray process successfully is crucial to keeping a long-term dental assistant position.

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Certification

After a dental assistant has earned their initial certification and has successfully worked for three months, they can go for the EFDA Certification. Skills learned include: working alongside a dentist during treatments, prepping and processing impression materials, as well as setting up and sanitizing the space. For those looking to excel further in their dental career, there are also some certification courses that is a combination of EFDA and Radiology certifications.

Dentistry is a highly respected field that can allow you the stability of a job that you can advance in as well as a way to help people on a daily basis.


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