Career Opportunities with A Smile 4 U

A Smile 4 U is an ever growing dental practice, with our stated goal of pleasure in Dentistry and Orthodontics. Our current opportunities are below, and we welcome proactive contact from ALL people interested in working with us. We’d love to hear your story, email us here!

Part of the culture we are growing in our practice is as a professional environment. We want our staff to be open, warm, and welcoming to our patients, with a demeanor that puts our patients and their families at ease. In general, we don’t allow jewelry that makes noise or dislodges easily, or body piercings other than earrings. Tattoos should not be visible.

For the jobs below, click on the job title to download the job description. Click here to email us now. Please be sure to include in your email a link to your Linkedin profile or Facebook profile, and in the subject line of your email put the job title.

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