AS4U Dental Assisting Course Curriculum

AS4U Dental Assisting Course Curriculum At AS4U’s Career Center, we offer a flexible 8-week program for students to gain all the skills and experience they need to become a certified dental assistant. Our course curriculum covers all the basic facets of dentistry, broken up into 8 units. You will complete a new unit each week....

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All about Dental Management Training

All about Dental Management Training Programme 

The field of dentistry is one that dictates a high level of training. Most dental works involve working in tight and small quarters. Without training, formal education may not be sufficient to keep you throughout your career. With just the right ​training programme Alpharetta your skills can improve, as well as your confidence in being...

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All You Need to Know About Clinical Training

Dentistry, a branch of medicine, is hands-on, and it involves being in direct contact with people. Even if you want to become a dentist, there is a mandatory interaction with people who you will treat, and this calls for clinical training. Getting clinical knowledge is vital, but it is better when you practically perform what...

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Skills Needed for Dental Assistant Positions

Dentistry is a wide field of study that is inclusive of different specialties. Every specialty is unique in the types of services it offers and its nature thereof. It is why medical schools have different provisions that train different people to take up a variety of roles in the dental world. One of the important...

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How to Become a Dental Assistant

Taking any profession in life requires passion and drive, especially in the medical world. When it comes to dentistry, the field is very thorough in providing the very best to patients. It is why there are more than one dental practitioners that work within a dental practice, each one serving a specific role. What Does...

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Why Should You Choose Dental Assistance As a Career?

Confused about choosing a career path for yourself? If you’re seeking career inspiration, consider the healthcare industry for your career! Did you know that the healthcare industry is the fastest growing industry among all others? The dental assistant lifestyle is unlike any other. Job security is stable and the compensation is rewarding. What Are Dental...

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