AS4U Dental Assisting Course Curriculum

AS4U Dental Assisting Course Curriculum

At AS4U’s Career Center, we offer a flexible 8-week program for students to gain all the skills and experience they need to become a certified dental assistant. Our course curriculum covers all the basic facets of dentistry, broken up into 8 units. You will complete a new unit each week. These units consist of online lectures and application of the week’s learning at in-person clinical sessions. The online lectures for each unit can be completed at anytime throughout the week and the clinical training is held each Saturday.

Weekly Breakdown

Becoming a certified dental assistant

Week 1

Your first week will be a general introduction to the program and an orientation to the dental office. This will provide you with information concerning the roles of the dental team including dentists, registered dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental laboratory technicians. You will also be introduced to the major areas of the dental office and pieces of equipment used in the facility. Finally, there will be overview of dental specialties in this first module.

Week 2

In the second week, the course will get into the specifics of disinfection, treatment room care, and sterilization. This will provide you with information and practice regarding sterilization, disinfection, OSHA standards, infectious materials and instrument and treatment room care.

Week 3

Oral impressions will be the focus of week 3. This unit will explore diagnostic materials. You will gain exposure to the use and construction of custom impression trays, alginate impressions, pouring up and trimming casts. Additionally, you’ll learn how to make custom night guards and bleaching trays. Finally, you will learn the landmarks of the mouth.

Week 4

Week 4’s unit will cover oral evacuation, instrument transfer and moisture control. You will learn how to successfully place and remove rubber dams and cotton rolls, perform mouth rinses and instrument transfer.

Week 5

Your fifth week will focus on the safety and techniques used in dental radiology as well as preventative treatments. You will be introduced to safe x-ray techniques and the corresponding processing and developing of these images. In addition to learning these techniques, you will practice them throughout the remainder of the course. Lastly, you will learn to place sealants and perform other procedures used in preventative dentistry.

Week 6

Restorative dentistry is the specific specialty you will gain exposure in your 6th week. This unit will teach you about patient care as well as care of sharp materials during anesthesia administration. You will also learn how to assemble a syringe and assist with the placement of composite fillings.

Week 7

Nearing the end of the course, week 7 will be focused solely on provisional coverage. You will learn how to fabricate and place provisional coverage for patients.

Week 8

In your final week, the unit’s focus will be dental specialties. This will allow you to explore the area of dentistry you are most interested in. You’ll learn how to assist during oral surgery, root canals, scaling and root planing, place dentures and remove sutures.

Externships and Your Future Career

Upon completion of this final unit, you’ll shift gears from learning to application through a 32-hour externship in one of our clinics. After this, you’ll receive certification as a dental assistant!
Through in-depth lectures and hands-on training, we are confident that our curriculum prepares students better than any other course for a career in dental assisting. In fact, we are so confident in our training that we often hire our top-performing students to work for one of AS4U’s clinics!

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