7 Myths about Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment

7 Myths about Orthodontic Treatment

Anyone Who Provides Braces or Aligners Is an Orthodontist

This is false. While dentists can offer some orthodontic treatments, an orthodontist requires additional years of valuable education to help them straighten teeth amazingly well.

Orthodontists Are So Expensive

AAO orthodontists work to customize their plans for each and every patient, and as a result, their fees reflex the complex nature of the work they do. Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. The benefits of working with a certified orthodontist greatly outweigh any benefits provided by your dentist.

Office Visits Are Not Necessary to Get Straight Teeth

This is very false. Without visits, we can’t monitor or adjust. Orthodontic treatments require monitoring so that they can continue to do their job. Missing visits can halt progress and add to the time needed to complete the straightening.

Orthodontic Treatment Takes Several Years

The time varies between patients depending on the severity of the orthodontic needs. With consistent visits, the time is greatly diminished. The next time someone complains about having braces for years, ask them if they followed their orthodontist’s instructions and made it to each appointment. We expect the answer will be no.

Orthodontic Treatment is Purely Cosmetic

While having properly aligned teeth is necessary for a beautiful smile, having straight teeth has more benefits. When the teeth and jaw are in proper alignment due to orthodontic intervention, it helps the functionality of biting, chewing and speaking too.

Orthodontists Only Offer Metal Braces

Dental technology has brought us a vast array of orthodontic treatments from the traditional metal braces to clear aligners by Invisalign.

Orthodontic Treatment Is Just for Kids

While many patients prefer to have orthodontic treatments done to their children in their teenage years, there is no bad time for orthodontics. Millions of adults use teeth straightening methods of some sort to get the smile of their dreams no matter their age.


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