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Covers Multiple Specialities

Covers Multiple Specialities

At AS4U, you’re exposed to a wide range of dental specialties, from oral surgery to orthodontics. We want you to experience every field dentistry has to offer, so that you know your career options.

Hands-on Experience

Hands-on Experience

We give you the ability to practice on real patients–not just models and other students. In addition, we allow you to complete 32 hours of externship in one of our local dental offices.

Small Class Sizes

Small Class Sizes

Our class sizes are smaller, allowing you to have more h ands-on training from one of our seasoned instructors.

Convenient Class Times

Convenient Class Times

Our classes are only two days a week over a span of two months; receive all of the quality dental education and training you need in a shorter amount of time.

Easy Application Process

Easy Application Process

Applying is easy; minimal paperwork is required, and the process takes little time. Ready to enroll? Get started by filling out the contact form below!

Dental Assistant Academy Alpharetta, GA

A Dental Assistant School in Atlanta, GA

AS4U’s school for dental assistants wants to help you create a life you love. Our eight-week dental assistant training programs use state-of-the-art technology and flexible classes to give you a solid dental education that works with your schedule, whether you’re spending all of your time on your studies or juggling school, a job, and a family.

Hands-On Experience as a Dental Assistant with a Comprehensive Curriculum

Education is more than just reading textbooks. At our dental assistant school, AS4U Career Center, we offer both in-class teaching as well as dental assistant training in a clinical environment so you’re sure to gain a well-rounded dental assistant education that gives you all the experience you need. Our curriculum includes 144 hours of classroom and clinical instruction with a 32-hour externship, and classes are held Wednesdays and Saturdays. We also offer flexible payment options to make our dental assistant programs accessible to everyone.

It’s our mission to give you all the tools you need to succeed in your dental assistant career. For more information, give our office a call today.


What Dental Assistants Love Most About Their Job

Dental assistants all over the country are in love with their job and the benefits it brings to their lives. Are you contemplating a career in the dental field, more specifically as a dental assistant? If you are, then we encourage you to continue reading on to learn why dental assistants absolutely love their job…

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Successful Dental Assistant

Traits of a Successful Dental Assistant

Dental assisting is a great profession that is growing in demand. But it takes more than just a certification to really be successful. If you are thinking about a career in this field, consider these important traits that every dental assistant needs to be successful. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail A dentist office…

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Dental Assistant Responsibilities

What Do Dental Assistants Do?

Considering a career as a dental assistant? Looking for dental assistant programs in Atlanta, GA? At AS4U Career Center we are proud to offer a flexible and affordable dental assistant program in Alpharetta, GA. Dental assisting can be a challenging, fast-paced and fun career that has a range of duties and responsibilities. These duties, responsibilities,…

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Dental Assistants and Hygienists

What’s the Difference between a Dental Hygienist and a Dental Assistant?

When you go to a dentist appointment, your dentist is only one of the people you’ll be seeing. Usually, either a dental assistant or hygienist will be treating you, too. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the dental profession, one of these paths could be for you. It helps to know that both…

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Jobs in Dental Field

Unique Jobs in the Dental Field You Might Not Have Considered

Deciding on a new job can be a difficult task with all the new options. There is a variety of dental job opportunities available and new unique careers that have recently been created in the dental industry. To learn more about these six unique jobs, continue reading on. Dental Researcher. Dental researchers typically require post-secondary…

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Orthodontic Treatment

7 Myths about Orthodontic Treatment

Anyone Who Provides Braces or Aligners Is an Orthodontist This is false. While dentists can offer some orthodontic treatments, an orthodontist requires additional years of valuable education to help them straighten teeth amazingly well. Orthodontists Are So Expensive AAO orthodontists work to customize their plans for each and every patient, and as a result, their…

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Certified Dental Assistant

Reasons to Become a Certified Dental Assistant

There are a growing number of jobs in the medical field. In fact, the field is booming. However, many of these careers require many years of schooling. In contrast, becoming a dental assistant can be done with just a few weeks of important education. This makes dental assistant jobs perfect for people who are just…

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Dental Assistant Training Atlanta

Hands-On Training for Dental Assistants

Hands-On Training for Dental Assistants At A Smile 4 U Career Center, our goal is to ensure that, once you leave our facilities, you are fully educated and prepared to be a successful dental assistant. This means that our coursework includes not just classroom instruction, but practical, hands-on experience in a real dental office as…

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Dental Assisting Alpharetta

What You Need to Know About Dental Assisting

What You Need to Know About Dental Assisting Did you know that dental assisting is one of America’s fastest-growing jobs that only require on-the-job training? Not many people really understand how popular, and profitable, dental assisting really is. There is nothing better than a well-paying job that you don’t need to go to school for,…

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Dental Assistant Programs Atlanta

Dental Assistants: Connecting with Your Patients

Dental Assistants: Connecting with Your Patients If you are about to graduate, or you are new in the field, you might understand that connecting with your patients is going to be a very important role in your career for years to come. It might seem daunting, but let us assure you, it isn’t impossible. If…

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Dental Assistant School Atlanta

Tips to Manage Dental School

Tips to Manage Dental School When you are fully dedicated to something that seems so overwhelming and long, things can quickly become out of hand if you let it. You spend long nights studying and early mornings sometimes studying too; sometimes you run on nothing more than three cups of coffee. We get it—school is…

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Dental Assistant Job

What to Expect at Your New Dental Assisting Job

So you’ve completed your training and landed the job that you’ve been working towards.

Dental Assistant Schools Georgia

How Do I Choose a Dental School?

While choosing a dental school, it is advisable to choose which is cost effective and saves stress involved in the application process.


5 Things to Expect at Your New Job as a Dental Assistant

So you have just finished your training, and you are getting ready to enter your first job as a dental assistant.


Certifications for Dental Assistants

The field of dentistry has many types of certifications with varying levels of difficulty to obtain.


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